Lost Lake Woods Lincoln Michigan

Lesley and I spent Thanksgiving with my parents at their beautiful home in the Lost Lake Woods resort just north of Lincoln Michigan... This town is just 20 miles south of Alpena. This is a hunting/sports community that is about 85 years old. I thought it was much older but found a sign today that confirmed 85 years.

Badger Lake

There a few homes on this lake and a small beach... Lesley liked it a lot as a little girl... They have so many parties and picnics at the pavilion.

Lost Lake Wood's Pavilion

Chipmunk Trail (my parents Street)

The Lost Lake Woods Clubhouse

This is a beautiful hotel and restaurant. They have a lodge and game room too. It really is a lovely place to eat dinner or lunch. We have had Thanksgiving dinner here many times too. This year Nanna made dinner which of course is the BEST!!!!


Just before dinner Lesley and I took a spin out to Lake Huron at Harrisville, Michigan to shoot photos for my readers around the globe. This area is just so gorgeous and it was so warm and sunny today. I will post a few photos here and the rest on my Facebook pages so you can see the entire shoot HERE

Lake Huron (Harrisville MI)

The Harrisville Marina of Refuge

My parent's rustic home is beautiful...

We are so thankful for our family and many many friends! Thank you all!

With Much Love from Kimmer and Lesley....

Special thanks to Mom and Doug... xxoKLink


Me-Me King said...

What a beautiful location to spend Thanksgiving!

Retro Kimmer said...

IT was beautiful ME ME and so sunny and warm... Many friends and my parents were all wonderful as well.... xxooK

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