It's the season we love once more! We love the chill, the colors, the darker days, the spooky shadows, the children anxious to wear their costumes and go door to door for treats, we love it all. HALLOWEEN!

We watch our favorite Halloween movies, we decorate our yards and homes, we buy tons of candy, (eat tons of candy), yes we love this season.  In honor of our favorite time of year we would like to show you our top 3 favorite Dracula's!

1. Of course is BELA LUGOSI visit Bela's Official Website it is so fabulous. His life was complicated by type casting and addiction. The Tim Burton's movie Ed Wood aptly depicts his later life.

2. Of course the Terrifying Christopher Lee! A very accomplished actor, he avoided typecasting unlike poor Bela. See his Official Website

3. Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula... A very dapper Dracula dontcha think? He was so scary.. much more than Bela. See the Movie Trailer Here

1 comment:

Claire McGee said...

my fave drac - Frank Langela .... so romantic ....

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