On October 10, 2013; the original CBGB walls, the original sound system and more from the historic venue will be reunited with two longtime friends of CBGB; Van Toffler (MTV God) and Duff McKagan (Rock God) at the Landmark Sunshine Theater on Houston St. in lower Manhattan for the CBGB Music & Film Festival 2013’s Keynote Addresses. SEE WEBSITE

CBGB owner Hilly Kristal and club talent booker Louise Staley carefully dismantled the interior of the famed CBGB & OMFUG in 2006 after being evicted by their landlord. The original CBGB stage walls and the original CBGB sound system haven’t been seen in public since then. “Hilly wanted them to live on. He saved them for exactly this type of occasion,” said Staley.

Hilly Kristal

Despite several attempts to save the New York landmark, Patti Smith played the final concert ever at CBGB’s on October 15, 2006. Its doors closed forever, and several of its contents, such as a wooden phone booth and the outdoor awning, soon found a home in New York’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex. Hilly Kristal salvaged whatever he could from the club and moved it to Las Vegas, but a battle with cancer forced his passing less than a year later, on August 27, 2007.

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