Nearly every aspect of our society is cyclical. We've all watched as RETRO trends in fashion, music, television, and movies have made a comeback in one way or another in our lifetime. Some have tried to figure out exactly how this cultural cycle works on a yearly level. Is it that something RETRO can be popular again if it's 15 years old? 20? 40? ABSOLUTELY.

Music seems to recycle itself on a 25-35-year scale, with the glossy, over-the-top pop music of the 1970s and '80s rearing its head these past five years or so. Just turn on the radio—if you dare—and it's likely that you'll hear a song reminiscent of the disco era.

Two of the biggest singles of the year were Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", and both were hugely influences by the '70s. And when it came to "Get Lucky," Daft Punk even recruited one of that era's best artists, Chic's Nile Rodgers, to play guitar on the song. As for "Blurred Lines," it sounds a whole heck of a lot like Marvin Gaye's classic hit "Got To Give It Up."

But it's not just those aforementioned aspects of our culture that seem to be in constant (and literal!) rotation. Even games fall into this chronology, despite the obvious technological advancements that make them look so crisp and life-like.

But just look at, say, the most popular mobile games on a given day and you won't see anything particularly wow-worthy when it comes to graphics. Instead, you'll get an eyeful of Dots, which is one of the most straightforward, and of course popular, games of the moment. Considering how busy we all are or at least claim to be, we (particularly younger people) seem to crave things that are easier to digest and get into.

Perhaps that is why one of the most stereotypically "old" gambling pastimes is making a resurgence. And it's not just with the over-60 crowd. According to report by Today, Bingo has become a fun new way for 20 and 30-somethings to kick back after a long day at the office At a Houston, Texas lodge, it's reported that some 700 people attend games every week and a majority (or 75 percent) of them are the age of 40.

I love Bingo...the more cards the better I say! 

Perhaps it's the fact that the Bingo is so easy to play or maybe it's because it's social by nature because you play in large groups, but it's nothing short of interesting to see the game making a comeback.

That's especially true when you consider that it seemed like it was making a more mainstream return just a few years ago with the show National Bingo Night. It was quickly canceled, however, and failed to gain much ground even when it was reworked into Bingo America on the Game Show Network.

Bingo's also become increasingly popular online, with good reason as a host of options have been made available. At Bingo.Betfair.Com, there are versions of the classic game fashioned after what you might associate with what your grandmother played. But there are also faster, rapidly paced options to give the experience a strong shot of adrenaline. And people and gaming companies alike are definitely paying attention based on this report by the BBC.

My Mom and I were just talking about Bingo the other day..I play 20 cards and 2 -18 sheets a night and I win a lot of the time...takes focus and concentration but I love to jump up and yell BINGO!!

What old trend could be next to take over and regain its popularity? Looks like we'll have to wait and see. If you've got one on your mind, be sure to let us know in the comments section!


Victoria said...

It's my favourite one

Peter Floyd said...

Wonderful game

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