In 1940s the interior of the east bay looking towards the hangar door. During World War II, Ford built B-24 bombers at the plant adjacent to Willow Run Airport.

I believe this was also the assembly room at General Motors Hydramatic Plant. I worked in here for three years.. the worst job I ever had.  Whenever I drive by this place so many years later..I feel great GLEE. Just like I escaped from Shawshank Prison.

The Yankee Airforce plans a final tour this weekend before they demolish the biggest plant under one roof in the world..so they used to say.

The public will get the chance to visit the former Willow Run bomber plant in Ypsilanti Township one last time Saturday before the factory is demolished.

A tour of the historic property — which was a centerpiece of the weapons-building Arsenal of Democracy during World War II — is being offered to those who pre-register for a free conference showcasing the 72-year-old plant’s history.


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Anonymous said...

Great pix! I love this kinda stuff. Willow Run had a vast payroll by 1945, as much as 40,000, many of them women, which had a big influence on the 60s/70s feminist movement.

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