I just love Polly Pockets and bought my daughter tons of them when she was young...she didn't like them but I did! I secretly bought them for myself! HAHAHA

I would have had this awesome Polly Pocket set had I ever seen it! It is for sale on the Wizard of Oz Collectionary Community Page.. All Wizard of Oz fans will love the tons of Oz collectibles posted here....Love this page....

Polly Pocket  is a toy line of dolls and accessories. The name comes from the fact that many of the original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases. The current Fashion Polly dolls sold by Mattel differ significantly from the best ones originally sold by Bluebird Toys. The original Bluebird dolls were less than one inch tall and made of hard plastic. They came in a compact style plastic case.

LOOK at the incredible little figures....even the Lollipop Kids!

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