The Queen of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in advocation. I have been there, done that and can be trusted to judge, perceive or tell it like it is. I own my authority and honor my authentic nature and wisdom but use my sharp wit responsibly and accept that not everyone will "warm up to me." I have a sleek, keen but detached sense for quality, classic style and truth and my reputation for communicating or protecting justice, the greater good or serving as a pioneer is well-deserved. I am empowered to endure by obligation to my code and my virtue is order. 

faces the truth, even if unpleasant
is up front with everyone
likes everything on the table
plays by the rules
avoids lies and deception
sizes up a situation quickly
understands hidden motives and desires
is difficult to fool, trick or con
figures out the unspoken rules and agendas
is quick on the uptake
is direct and open in all dealings
gets to the heart of the matter
acts without pretense or guile
is straightforward and no-nonsense
can be candid when necessary
has a delightful sense of humor
diffuses awkward situations with a funny remark
never takes anything too seriously
laughs at everything, including him or herself
has seen and done it all
has strength due to life's hard knocks
is free of self-righteous judgments
has realistic expectations

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