One of the most bad ass Detroit Muscle Cars was the 1967 Pontiac Firebird..Sleek lines,small car, big motor! The guys from the Discovery TV show Fast and Loud hit the jackpot when they found the very first 2 Firebird prototypes in an old barn...they bought them and restored them...Here's a bit of their story...

‘Fast N’ Loud” host Richard Rawlings has found what he calls the car industry’s “Holy Grail” — the first two Pontiac Firebirds ever built. Called simply “#1” and “#2,” the prototypes were manufactured by Pontiac engineers and were used as models for the 1967 Firebird, which revolutionized the world of sporty “muscle cars” when it rolled off the assembly line. “We found the cars in a garage in Connecticut,” says Rawlings. “They were in a dilapidated barn and are the very first Firebirds .

Firebird seller Chuck Aleksinas, Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins 
check out the interior of one of the 1967 Pontiac Firebirds.  
Photo: Discovery Channel 

Discovery will devote the April 21 and April 28 episodes of “Fast N’ Loud” to Rawlings’ find, showing how he and his crew, including Aaron Kaufman, restored both cars, which were purchased for a combined $65,000 and sold for $650,000 (after each car underwent $200,000 worth of restoration). Can't wait to see this episode! Read More Here

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