The Empress symbolizes harmony, comfort, creativity and wisdom. This Great Mother beckons us with her life-giving support. She is the abundant matrix from which we draw vital life and out of which we individuate.

The Empress exemplifies health and natural joy in the body, the healing arts, music and all things good, true and beautiful. We learn our highest ideals from her. The Empress in this position indicates that you personify something generous, warm and nurturing.


giving birth
nourishing life
nurturing and caring for others
cherishing the world
expressing tenderness
working with children

welcoming abundance
enjoying extravagance
receiving lavish reward
luxuriating in plenty
having more than enough
feeling rich

experiencing the senses
giving and receiving pleasure
focusing on the body
appreciating beauty
feeling vibrantly healthy
being earthy
doing physical activity

responding to Nature
relating to plants and animals
embracing the natural
feeling connected to the Earth
going outdoors
harmonizing with natural rhythms

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