We received a detailed message tonight from Craig N from Northern California and he wrote to tell me that he had written to John Norman Collins (Chapman) for a college paper he was writing.. Craig had read Edward Keyes "Michigan Murders" book and wrote to JNC in prison and to his surprise..JNC wrote back.. Craig scanned the letter to share with my readers. See Craig's story below...RK

Story from Craig:

The Michigan Murders was required reading for my Admin of Justice course back in 1986. For extra credit I wrote a letter to inmate #126833 John Chapman as he is known now. In my letter I told him I had read the book and I was more than satisfied that he was the killer there was no doubt in my mind.

I included a narrative of the evidence and why he was guilty. I included a self addressed envelope to my attention care of the college I was attending and waited for his response.
Here in it's entirety is the transcript of the letter he wrote back to me it was type written and signed in his full hand John Chapman. Monday June 9, 1986

Dear Mr. Newton:

I received your letter several months ago but I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer you or not. As you can see from this letter I have decided to write.

You mentioned reading the book and forming a conclusion so I am curious as to why you are interested in what I have to say? you erroneously stated after reading the book detailing events of "the crimes for which you have been convicted". I was convicted of ONE murder! I was a scape goat for the key-stone Cop mentality of the society that wanted someone for the murder(s) of people in the Ann Arbor area. 

If you read the book thoroughly you would have seen the tactics used by the police to obtain a conviction. Witnesses were threatened; my room-mate was kidnapped and kept locked in a motel room until he said what they wanted; I was at a place of business while the incident happened; the lady at the wig shop was shown pictures of me prior to the line-up and told by police that I was the man they had for the murder; our expert in NAA was the man that invented the entire process and he said I was not the one; the state witnesses/experts had to go to our people to learn how to measure the angles of hair samples etc. I am glad you are not in Pre-Law!! You asked for my views as to why I am innocent; that is simple-because I did not kill anyone.

You are entitled to your opinion and you have exercised that option. I don't know what else I can say to that. If you have been reading the papers and 60 Minutes etc. You will see that many people have been placed in prison by a Jury and later found to be innocent. This is one reason why there should never be the Death Penalty. Have a nice day!

John Chapman



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