When the Eight of Pentacles appears you have some hard work ahead, but the results will be even better than you could imagine. Many people don't like the thought of giving something too much effort and look to pass the buck. The Eight of Pentacles is a card that says all of the blessings you desire are within you and can be released with diligence. If you want a helping hand, there are two for you at this point in your life – one at the end of each arm.

A man is sitting on a bench. He is carving a Pentacle, a hammer in one hand and a grooving bit in the other. On a nearby post are mounted five pentacles. At the foot of the bench, leaning upright is a sixth, and after the one he is working on, there rests an eighth pentacle to be perfected at his feet. His clothes are in tatters. The cloudless sky is a light blue-gray but is without a cloud in sight. Off in the distance, the spires of the town can be seen.


showing diligence
making an effort
working hard
applying yourself totally
being absorbed in a project
dedicating yourself to a task
plugging away
producing steady results

increasing knowledge
taking a course
learning a new craft or skill
receiving training
pursuing greater understanding
finding out the facts
increasing expertise

paying attention to detail
being painstaking
being extra careful
approaching a task methodically
getting down to the nitty-gritty
handling all the loose ends
checking and rechecking
noticing the fine points

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