Leave Mickey to be buried in peace!

Mickey Rooney's estranged wife wants him buried in Westlake by her..It is my personal opinion that Mickey should be laid to rest in Forest Lawn where all his friends and co-stars are buried. Mickey should be on the stars tours. He LOVED being a Hollywood star and should be honored as such in perpetuity. It is justa game of power and control to put him in Westlake. 

This story just in from People Magazine gives us a bit of hope for the Mickster...

If Michael Augustine has his way, the late Mickey Rooney will forever be surrounded by his peers, from Elizabeth Taylor to Humphrey Bogart.

Amid a longstanding family feud that has even led to disagreement over the star's final resting place, Augustine, whom Rooney appointed as Trustee for his estate in his will, has petitioned the courts for decision-making power over Rooney's burial and memorial.

"Mickey told me numerous times – including when he was revising his will a month ago – 'I want to be buried in Hollywood,' " says Augustine, a Los Angeles-area attorney. " 'If I can't be buried there, then I want to be buried with veterans.' "

Augustine's intention is to block Rooney's wife Jan and her son Christopher Aber from having the actor buried in a plot in Westlake, a small community about 90 minutes north of L.A.

Says Augustine: "Mickey told me, 'I don't want to be buried in Westlake. There's nothing for me in Westlake, that's where Aber is.' "

Rooney purchased the plot in Westlake several years ago, during happier times with his wife, who still resides in the town with her son.FULL STORY HERE

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