Johnny BEE Badanjek Sticks n Skins Interview

I love BEE and hope you like this fun interview!

Pictured with the cake is Jules Follett,author/photographer of "Sticks 'n' Skins." Also at the Roma Café from left, top row: Alisa Zee, Steve Badalament, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, Kenneth (Spider Webb) Rice, Marquis Johnson, Scott Williams, LaDell Abrams, Brian Pastoria. Front row: Follett with Julian Pavone, 6.(Alisa Zee photo)

Society Confidential: Rhythm masters confab at the Roma Susan Whitall and Chuck Bennett Backstage at the J. Geils Band show at DTE/Pine Knob last Saturday, at the center of the action was irrepressible drummer Johnny Bee Badanjek , who as part of the Rockets , opened the show. Bee was dispensing truisms: "Buy the music! How else am I supposed to buy my bologna sandwiches!" The drummer was part of an elite gathering of Detroit drummers at the Roma Café on Tuesday, as author/photographer Jules Follett gathered LaDell Abrams , Steve Badalament , Marquis Johnson , Brian Pastoria , Julian Pavone and Spider Webb to thank them for participating in her new 560-page photo book, "Sticks 'n' Skins."

Webb, the veteran of many later Motown sessions, didn't think he knew Badanjek, until the two started chatting and Webb recognized Bee as the teenager who used to hang out with Mitch Ryder to hear music at blind pigs and clubs back in the early '60s, when an under aged Webb was playing those joints.


Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

thanks for the info about JB. i saw him on TV the other day, but could not watch it. hope all is well with you!!

JOHNNY BEE said...

Hi Kim, thanks for helping pass the word on the new book Sticks N' Skins. I love Dennis and Scott. I asked them both to be in the book. Both should be in the book and represent Detroit drummer's. Dennis (Machine Gun) Thompson and Scott Ashton are known around the world and their fans would have loved to see this, and maybe make new fans. Because today with all these new apps. People are bombbarted with information so fast they forget who was who. Much love, Bee

Dee Gilbert said...

I so enjoyed the interview and Johnny playing his drums on WXYZ .It was GREAT and made me smile!


What would I do without you you getting me hip. As a life long drummer the latest info about the Sticks and Skins offering is very, very interesting. I have told you this over the phone but there have been many times while playing with guitarist in the know I've been asked me to "play that thing, you know that Johnny Bee thing", the center of the storm, the groove as John says so himself in the interview.
In my last email I sent you I asked you to look at the add in Sept Esquire for John Varvatos mens ware, it is a double page photo featuring Mr. Pop and brother Wayne Kramer among others. You may know this but this John Varvatos fella is a "down river" Detroit native. Do a search!

Bart Saric said...

Legendary, Johnny 'Bee' Rocks it !!!
Luv seeing, " Art for art's sake " ...
Will have to check out that book, being a former
drummer myself ... heh.

Keep up the good Kimmie : )


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