My prized autographed Al Pacino Godfather Photo

Everyone that knows me is highly aware of my ever growing mobster fascination. It all started with Mario Puzo's unbelievable book The Godfather which came out in 1969...

James Caan was gorgeous!

Mario Puzo was born October 15, 1920, in "Hell's Kitchen" on Manhattan's (NY) West Side and, following military service in World War II, attended New York's New School for Social Research and Columbia University. His best-known novel, The Godfather, was preceded by two critically acclaimed novels, The Dark Arena and The Fortunate Pilgrim. 

 OMG young Robert Deniro!

In 1978, he published Fools Die, followed by The Sicilian (1984) and The Fourth K (1991). Mario Puzo has also written several screenplays, including Earthquake, Superman, and all three Godfather movies, for which he received two Academy Awards®. Mario passed away July 2, 1999, at his home in Bay Shore, Long Island. His novel Omerta was released a year later. He is survived by his companion of 20 years, Carol Gino, and five children. Mario's website is HERE

This book set the world on fire! Everyone speculated of who the real mobsters might be or if the character of Johnny Fontane was really Frank Sinatra. Denied by all but yet very similar...

Though I adore both Godfather I and II films the book is must read because there is so much more character depth and storyline. I read that book in like 7th grade with a flashlight in my bed as I couldn't stop reading!

Then in 1972 came the first Godfather Film which I stupidly saw at a drive in with a blind date that kept trying to chat while I wanted to WATCH the movie!! So the next day I went to a real theater with a girlfriend and watched it again without being bothered.

My true crush in the beginning of the film was James Caan's portrayal of Sonny Corleone. My what hunky guy... Especially loved it when they had him in a tank shirt with suspenders. James Caan had the most fantastic shoulders!

Sonny talking to Michael after the cop beat him

The Godfather really had very little cursing in it, at least in English :) But from the very first scene until the end I was completely addicted to this movie and book too. But man did I hate Diane Keaton in the role of Kay Adams! YUCK all she did was whine and all along she knew his family history and yet pretended to be so above it. Nothing against Diane just hated that character. See full cast and crew HERE
At the end of the film I switched crushes to Al Pacino. I sent away for a photo and they sent me one! FREE Knew I liked AL and his staff!

Here is a treat some of the scenes that were deleted...

Robert Deniro in GF 2
The film starts with Deniro as young Vito Corleone escaping Sicily and growing up in New York to be the Don. The film then jumps to Michael Corleone in Vegas which I found totally distracting. Though I loved the film, I heard the director Francis Ford Coppola needed money for Apocalypse Now so he release a set of both Godfather movies in time sequence. Great idea! So I tracked down The Godfather the Complete Epic 1902-1959 vhs set on Ebay which cost me $60! I still have it and still watch it religiously. It has all the deleted scenes in it and flows better in my humble fan's opinion. I love it and would grab it if I had to flee my home! Now you can get one from my Amazon Store cheaper!


Dee Gilbert said...

I surf the channels, I swear looking for any Godfather movies on the dish here on weekend's.Wow! I know you are so into mob stuff. I was really bummed when they killed off Sonny.James played that role so well. I loved Michael of course and also Deniro as young Vito, I have NEVER seen Deniro look so handsome!
Once again, great post Kim! I am still in love with Al Pacino, men age so well and if I could only get my hand's on him.... nice day dream...ha! Have a great day!

Mitch Wilcher said...

The first two were great, not so much with the third one, although it has some good moments.

DON VITO said...

"NEVER TELL anybody outside THE FAMILY what you are thinking again"

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