Jack Lord and James McArthur "Steve and Danno"
LOS ANGELES – Stage and screen actor James MacArthur, who played "Danno" in the original version of television's "Hawaii Five-0," died Thursday at age 72.

MacArthur's agent, Richard Lewis, said the actor died in Florida of "natural causes," but no direct cause was specified.

In a career that spanned more than four decades, MacArthur was most recognized for his role as Detective Danny "Danno" Williams on "Hawaii Five-0," which aired from 1968 to 1980. Episodes often ended with detective Steve McGarrett, the lead character, uttering what became a pop culture catch phrase: "Book 'em, Danno."

Jack Lord, who starred as McGarrett, died in 1998.

"Hawaii Five-O," one of the longest running crime shows in TV history with 278 episodes, was shot on location in the Hawaiian islands. It was the first Hawaii-based national TV series.

I grew up with a giant crush on James MacArthur in many of my favorite movies back in the 60's. Spencer's Mountain which was converted later on TV as The Waltons. My all time favorite James MacArthur role was Fritz Robinson on the Swiss Family Robinson. A story of a family cast away at sea. The family adjusts to living on an island and builds a huge gorgeous tree house. They fight pirates and live of course, happily ever after.

My gang as little kids, tried to copy building the tree house and pretended to be the Robinson family for fun on the weekends. Couldn't find a tiger to put in a pit though...

Here is a clip from the film and The story is HERE

MacArthur, born Dec. 8, 1937, seemed destined to become an actor. He was the adopted son of playwright Charles MacArthur and Helen Hayes, an award-winning actress often referred to as "First Lady of the American Theater." Silent film star Lillian Gish was his godmother.

"They did teach me a lot about the theatre just through my life with them," he said of his parents in a 1957 interview in Teen Life magazine. "They never pushed me in any direction. Any major decision has always been my own to make."

We will close out with my friend Deniz Tek and Chris Klondike Masuak on Aloha Steve and Danno! Here is one last Bookem Danno!

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