Why do these doctors always skate from prison?? Anna Nicole, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, River Phoenix, the list is endless. Not to mention Dr. Nick (among others) who in my opinion killed Elvis Presley. Dr Nick over prescribed for Elvis, I have seen a copy of a prescription he wrote out for Elvis and it would have killed a horse.

The most extreme "Doctor" that got away with addicting and often killing his patients was Max JacobsonThe Notorious Dr. Feel Good had his license yanked but served NO prison time.

MAX injected amphetamines among other mysterious substances often with filthy needles to huge amounts of sports heroes, celebrities, politicians, and even President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline. Max called them "vitamin" shots so often his victims had no idea that they were really becoming addicted to amphetamine in it's purest form (speed).

Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were good friends. Mickey Mantle one of the greatest baseball players of all time died of liver cancer, chronic alcoholism and hepatitis C. Probably got the Hep C from the dirty needles used by Miracle Max Jacobson. Miracle Max (MM) was called in during the season of 1961 when Roger Maris and Mickey were both in line to break Babe Ruth's home run in a single season record. MM nearly killed Mickey. Mickey abscessed from the injection sites and was in the hospital when Maris broke the record.

Billy Crystal made a fabulous film called 61* which prompted this post today.

  Bio from Wiki: After fleeing Berlin in 1936, Max Jacobson set up an office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where he treated a number of famous names including Marlene Dietrich, Anthony Quinn, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Eddie Fisher, Cecil B. DeMille, Alan Jay Lerner, Yul Brynner, Nelson Rockefeller, Mickey Mantle, The Kennedys, and Zero Mostel. Dubbed "Dr. Feelgood", Jacobson was known for his "miracle tissue regenerator" shots which consisted of amphetamines, vitamins, painkillers, and human placenta  
John F. Kennedy first visited Jacobson in September 1960, shortly before the 1960 presidential election debates. Jacobson was part of the Presidential entourage at the Vienna summit in 1961 where he administered amphetamines to the frail JFK to combat fatigue. By May 1962, Jacobson had visited the White House to treat the President thirty-four times.    
President Harry S. Truman
J. Edgar Hoover
Richard M. Nixon
Rod Serling
President John F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy
Spiro Agnew
Sir Winston Churchill
Cecil B DeMille
Robert Goulet
Marlene Dietrich
Elizabeth Taylor
Doris Shapiro
Eddie Fisher*
Truman Capote
Bette Davis
Eartha Kitt
Maurice Chevalier
Cary Grant
Peter Lawford
Bob Cummings*
Van Cliburn
Tony Franciosa
Phyllis McGuire
Sam “MoMo” Giancanna
Judith Campbell Exner
Mel Allen
Mickey Mantle


Dee Gilbert said...

GREAT WRITING and story! Poor Elvis is right , he looked so blown up and bad.I loved Elvis too... I saw the pic of you with one of those twins! You both look good!

Bart Saric said...

not before man/woman and definitely not after man/woman.


those doctors are busterz !

kool read, kimmie: )

Amahl Thomas said...

"Nice work Kim!"

Steve Lyman said...

thanks for posting th story about "Dr Feelgood" which contained a whole lot of information that I did not know, many hi-profile people affected.

Ian said...

Didn't Jacqueline Sussan characterize him in one of her novels? "Valley of the Dolls" perhaps?

Retro Kimmer said...

Yes I an I think she did! I will research that and answer it in more detail tomorrow. Than you for the good comment! KIM

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