This is Veronica Lake by Niagara Detroit. A lovely gift from my friend Heather Harris in Los Angeles. Veronica is mesmerizing and such vibrant color. See more giclee prints in Niagara's Gallery Thank You Heather!

Heather also sent me this fabulous print by Marijke Koger-Dunham of the Fool Design Group. My daughter Lesley really wanted to abscond with this print! It is wonderful and now framed on my wall. Thank You Heather and Marijke!

Lovely Marijke signed it for me...

Finally got my autographed Question Mark and the Mysterians poster framed too! Fantastic gift from Bass phenom Skid Marx. Skid got the band to sign it for me in silver marker which doesn't show up too well in the digital photo. Thanks Skid and Carrie!!

Oh I just love this poster! It is really rare and a gift from Dennis Thompson. It is made on really heavy paper and the colors are so vibrant. In the frame store I saw this frame and just knew it would fit this poster. It did! Thanks so much MGT!

Artist: The Firehouse Edition: 1st printing, silkscreen Size: 20.75 x 33 MC5 / DKT
7/29/05 Northsix Brooklyn, N.Y. Bought this FANTASTIC poster on Ebay! Dennis signed it for me and it is huge!

This Arminski poster is from the screening of the MC5 movie in Detroit 2003. I attended the film premiere with my old friend Dan Hyatt and he really pushed me into to taking these items to a frame shop the next day. Otherwise I might stash them in the closet and never frame them. It cost 218.00 to matte and frame the three items but I am so happy Dan talked me into doing this! Thanks Danny! I also have a signed handbill too, you can get one HERE

Autographed card and two ticket stubs framed with the poster. So my happiest moments this holiday season were spent with drummer Al King hanging out at Michael's Craft Store buying frames. Thanks ALEX!

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