Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

As the most glamorous wife of an American President (John F Kennedy), Jacqueline Lee Bouvier remained one of America's most glamorous First Ladies. Having established herself as the style icon while in the White House, Jackie's, courage and dignity following the public assassination of her husband on November 22, 1963, won her admiration and respect across the world. Though some of her detractors thought her copying Abraham Lincoln's funeral ceremony was a bit over the top. The eternal flame was another of Jackie's dramatic ideas.

After moving with her children from the White House into an apartment on Fifth Avenue NYC, Jackie and her children kept a very low profile. Jackie was terrified that attempt on her life or her children might be in the works.

Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis

During that time she was seen with a number of escorts.. Then the unthinkable happened... Bobby Kennedy was also assassinated. Now Jackie was totally in need of escape. Following the death of Robert F Kennedy in June 1968, Jackie, Edward Kennedy and her children were invited as guests on board the palatial yacht "Christina" by it's millionaire owner Aristotle Onassis...

It was a whirlwind engagement. The world was in shock! America's princess was marrying a much older man. Onassis wasn't handsome but he certainly was wealthy. Jackie would feel safe under his protection.

Onassis bought his bride-to-be an astonishing 40-carat Marquise Lesotho III diamond ring – sold at auction for $2.59 million in 1996.

On October 20, 1968, Jackie married 'Ari' in a small Greek Orthodox ceremony on Onassis' private island of Skorpios. Among the guests were the Jacqueline's mother and her step father, two of President Kennedy's sisters and her children.

As a result of the marriage, the former First Lady lost the Secret Service protection entitled to her as a widow of an American president. She was also given a new name in the media – one by which she is arguably now best known – Jackie O The marriage was difficult as the media revealed every sordid detail daily. Rumors of Onassis cheating with his old flame Maria Callas and rumors of Jackie having other escorts as well filled the tabloids.

Jacqueline divided her time between NYC, The Island of Skorpios and her husband's home in Paris with her children until Aristotle's death on March 15, 1975. The constant topic back then was rumors of an iron clad prenuptial agreement being in place. But we all knew our Jackie would win out in the end.

Though Onassis' daughter Christina despised Jackie she reached an amicable agreement with her step mother and Jackie was free to follow her own personal dreams.

Now just 46 years old and a widow for the second time, she returned to New York where she began to work as a book editor.


Nancy Thibodeau said...

I always liked Jackie O

Anonymous said...

How did she stay with John F.Kennedy,when she knew he was sleeping around with Marilyn Monroe

Retro Kimmer said...

guess because her father was the same? Can't divorce the president I guess...Rumors say Joe Kennedy paid her off too

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