Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (February 28, 1906 June 20, 1947) arrives in Las Vegas to set up the Trans America race wire service, gets a piece of the El Cortez, and then develops the Flamingo Hotel and Casino after buying it from Billy Wilkerson.

Siegel's House in LA

Sam Giancana became boss of the Chicago Mafia organization in 1956. After a roller coaster career, he was assassinated in 1975. Born May 24, 1908 (or June 15, 1908, as reported by the FBI), Giancana grew up in the 42 Gang on Chicago's west side. He was arrested often in the late 1920s (22 times in 1928 alone). Some of those arrests were on serious criminal charges, but none of the cases made it to trial.

He did serve time in prison 1930-31 for burglary and was behind bars once again in 1939-42. Those sentences helped earn him notice among the big-time Chicago Mafiosi. In 1933, he became a bodyguard for Outfit bigshot Tony Accardo. In 1948, with Accardo then the big boss, he graduated to the position of the family's primary enforcer.

By 1950, he was specializing in gambling and associating with Hollywood stars. When Accardo began losing a battle with the Internal Revenue Service, he turned the Family operations over to Giancana. Giancana is believed to have had connections with the Kennedy family of Massachusetts and to have assisted in John F. Kennedy's Presidential election in 1960. Some sources have claimed that Giancana and Kennedy shared mistresses and passed information to each other through their women.

The McGuire Sisters and Sam (Momo) Giancana Sam Giancana stepped from the plane at Chicago`s O`Hare airport looking more like someone's little old uncle from `back home` than the man who was once one of Chicago`s most powerful crime bosses. He was tired and disheveled looking after his flight from Mexico, he was wearing a blue shirt which looked two sizes too big for his frail torso and a pair of green trousers, no belt, and on his feet a pair of house slippers.

How had one of the American mafia`s most powerful bosses departed from an international flight looking like this? The previous night he had been arrested at his villa by the Mexican authorities, he never got time to change out of the slippers and pajamas he had been wearing before being taken to spend the night in jail in Mexico City.

Next morning he was handed a cheap $2 shirt and a pair of green trousers to wear. He was escorted to the airport where he was placed on an American Airlines flight to Chicago. It was the 19th July 1974 he had been gone some eight years from his home in the US, now he was back, back to where it all started many years before. MAFIA INTERNATIONAL

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