As the show manager of THE SUPER SALE (a nationally touring sale show) we tried many different promotions to attract crowds. One of them was hiring Miss America 1988 Kaye Lani Rae Rafko of Monroe Michigan.

Kim & Kaye Lani Cobo Hall

Sorry my pics are a little blurry but they are real. Gee sure wish I had a picture of me with that crown on my head as Kaye Lani let me wear it alot!!!! Oh well... close but no cigar!

I spent 5 shows in different cities with Kaye Lani at THE SUPER SALE. She usually had the much famous Ellie Ross as "official Miss America chaperon" Ms. Ross chaperoned 15 Miss Americas and though very protective, she did share a few stories with me. I just loved sitting and listening to Miss Ellie! I can't share her stories.. she made me swear a secret oath :)

You can see Kaye Lani (PINK DRESS AND CROWN) entering my office upstairs at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI. That's me in the yellow dress.

After spending 4 weeks with Kaye Lani her mom brought her to the last show in Detroit. I had arrived early and was sitting in my office putting on makeup. Being very near sighted I had my glasses off and saw 2 figures standing in the doorway. I asked if I could help them and Kaye Lani pops up with KIM don't you remember me? I 'm Kaye Lani!!!! OMG!!!

YES of course I remember YOU! Let me grab my glasses for crying out loud! How embarrassing!
Meeting Kaye Lani's Mother was special as she was very much like my own and quite funny herself.

Kaye Lani autographed a photo like this one for me and one for my father who treasured it for the rest of his life.Kaye Lani married her boyfriend Chuck Wilson and is working as a nurse in Monroe. They named a street after Kaye Lani too!

Here is a great interview clip: From Pageant Cast News

Kaye Lani:

I was the 1st Registered Nurse to be crowned Miss America and this came in the middle of a nursing shortage in our country. My profession experienced a drop in the Baccalaureate Nursing Programs nationwide in 1985 and hospitals/healthcare facilities began feeling that shortage in the year I was given the Miss America title.

I traveled our country and spoke to students of all ages (pre-school, elementary, Jr. High. And HS); I visited nursing colleges, hospitals/healthcare facilities; anywhere I could, to speak about my profession and encourage others to choose nursing as a life-long career. People listened and responded.

Here is Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Mis America 1988 being crowned.

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