Received an interesting comment from the Mob Scene Gallery promoting their latest unique exhibit "The Legend of Joey Gallo". Well they certainly sent this to the right person! As complete fan of all the mobster lore I would love to attend this event. Alas NYC is out for me this year. But if any of my readers go and take photos, I would be overjoyed to post them!

For those of us who can't spring for a trip to NYC right now. Here is a video tour of the the Mob Gallery. It's so cool.... Thanks Arthur!

Mob Scene Merch!

With an unobstructed view of old Police Headquarters, the MOB Scene Gallery sits beside the former NYPD evidence vault from which the heroin seized in the 'French Connection' case mysteriously vanished.

In 1912, the gallery was a pool hall called the "Little Rock", a hangout of top underworld figures and the scene of a brutal attack on neighborhood youths by NYPD Lieutenant Charles Becker, who was executed three years later in the Sing Sing Prison electric chair. Read more HERE

Arthur Nash is a key contributor of historical objects to the City of Las Vegas' "Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement" -- better known as The MOB Museum -- as well as the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington D.C., founded by John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted." His book of archival photography titled "New York City Gangland" (2010) has been called "The Eye-Catching Crown Jewel of Mafia History".

New York City Gangland by Arthur Nash is the most refreshing true crime book to come out in recent years. NYC Gangland is stocked full of incredible never before seen photographs and riveting stories of NYC's most infamous hoodlums.

Mr. Nash has assembled a collection of 1,500 items documenting the lifestyles and often brutal times of people involved in organized crime.

Albert Anastasia's Barber Chair lives in Las Vegas

Some of the items are linked to murders: for example, the barber chair from the old Park Sheraton Hotel in which the mob boss Albert Anastasia was sitting when he was killed in 1957.

Mr. Nash also owns a fedora that belonged to the man thought by many to have shot Anastasia: Joey Gallo. He was wearing the hat on the night in 1972 that he was fatally shot inside Umberto’s Clam Bar on Mulberry Street.

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