Scott Richardson guest author today

Yesterday I was talking with my dear friend Scott Richardson the lyricist/writer/vocalist of SRC. Scott is such a technicolor guy! Mind like a steel trap comes to mind...

Rick Nelson

He remembers everything.... Scott's voice is so fantastic, hopefully soon I'll be able to share some of his new music with my readers. We got to talking about Scott's career after SRC. More to come on that story later....

Baker Knight (Scott Richardson Collection)

But Scott just taught me about Baker Knight.... and his song "Lonesome Town" Very interesting story.

Baker Knight

Baker Knight (July 4, 1933 - October 12, 2005) was an American songwriter and musician from Birmingham, Alabama. He was born Thomas Baker Knight Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama where he wrote music in his spare time.

Knight moved to Hollywood in 1958 in hopes of pursuing a career in acting, but was unsuccessful. He became friends with Eddie Cochran and Cochran's girlfriend, songwriter Sharon Seeley, who helped him find work as a songwriter.

Knight wrote "Lonesome Town", which became a hit for Rick Nelson in 1958, as did the B-side, Knight's "I Got a Feeling". Nelson continued to record Knight's songs, many of which became hits. Read more HERE

Scott R told me that "Lonesome Town" was a favorite song of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Paul chose the song for the funeral of his beloved wife Linda. Paul did record "Lonesome Town" Here is a video of him performing it. Love it but still like Ricky's version best.

Scott collaborate with Baker Knight for over 4 years on his biography " A Piece of the Big Time" and Scott feels that his work with Baker and "Lonesome Town" was a very important part of hiw own musical journey.


Kevin Fry said...

The Wiki link explains the History of Baker Knight who i had never heard of.Sounds like the man made a living at music,But was always one break from making the Real Money.Nice story as always Kim.

Mark Reaume said...

Theres Ricky Nelson and then,,theres Ricky Nelson !!

Retro Kimmer said...

good story from Scott R...he has a million stories to tell. thanks Kev

Love the original song the most!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That Scott Richardson looks like a movie star posing with that guitar! And he is a writer too????

patti quatro said...

Hey girl:

Used to hang at the Nelsons family home on beach.........few times. And in
Laurel Canyon. Rick's.......
Nice to read this article.

Pictures were great too.......loved it.
You old pool hustler you.......hahaha.


Scott Richardson said...

Kim, loved it! thanks from me and Baker

Wayne M. said...

Thanks for the interesting backstory Kim... I'm familiar with "lonesome town"... (little too familiar - like with "heartbreak hotel")! :)

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