Steve (The Deacon) and Karen Ann Hunter

Just received a lovely autographed copy of Empty Spaces and I just love it so much! It is available now on my Amazon Store and other retailers too...

Here is a lovely story from Karen Ann Hunter:

I joined my first band when I was 17, left Art College and my parent’s security to start a life on the road and never looked back.

In 1976 I got signed to Giorgio Moroder whilst working for the US Army doing gigs in West Germany.

Other than recording backing vocals on a track called ‘I Wanna Funk With You Tonight’ from the album ‘Knights In White Satin’ and a pop song called ‘Doctor Funk’ (Smiley - Featuring Karen Taylor) this union was short lived as I was signed just after Donna Summer had released ‘Love To Love You Baby’ with him and we all know how that story went.

When I returned to London I got another producer, recorded a bunch of my own songs under the name Yuka and had a couple of singles out on Chas Chandlers label ‘Cheapskate’. The first single ‘Who Will Believe The Young Man’ made it to BBC Radio One’s record of the week.

During this time I was working as a session singer and also as a TV extra, I sang on a lot of jingles and appeared in a lot of beer commercials. In 1984 I got a gig touring with Gary Numan on the Berserker tour which included a live album and video then toured again the next year with the The Fury. I also married in 84, had my first child Holly in 88 then my son Mathew came along, this put an end to gigs for a while.

Karen Ann Hunter

I recorded another self composed album called Kickin’ Up Dust in 2004 which was half jazz and half blues, it couldn’t decide which it was and neither could I so after 34 years I decided to throw in the towel on music altogether.

My favorite song on Empty Spaces "If I Were You"

However, a guest guitar player on that album was Pete Haycock of Climax Blues Band, Pete lived in Germany and he emailed me a track by an old friend called Steve Hunter who lived in Hollywood, USA.

The track was called Nylon Café; it had layers of wonderful acoustic guitars and I told Pete it had made me go all peculiar, Pete told Steve and eventually Steve and I made contact on email, the rest is history.

Nylon Cafe is now on a CD of Steve’s called Short Stories.

Steve encouraged me to write and sing again, he loved my soft voice, a voice I had never tried recording and so ‘Empty Spaces’ was born. I wrote the songs and Steve made them into beautiful tracks. Karen Ann

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