Love "Empty Spaces" so much!

Happened upon Guitar Legend Steve "The Deacon" Hunter on Facebook a bit ago today. Steve mentioned needing some boost for his wife Karen Ann Hunter's new cd. I thought... hmmm I can help!

Cool couple! Steve "The Deacon" and Karen Hunter

After I recently wrote a piece featuring The Deacon, Karen was so thoughtful and sent me a lovely thank you note... Rare... but so appreciated for sure. xxoo

Read Karen Ann's Bio HERE

Download Empty Spaces HERE

Steve produced Karen's cd and played all the instruments while his wife provided the amazing vocals. Ms Karen created a You Tube Video for each song which is no easy feat!

Just watched all of her videos and I just can't tell you in words how her voice and that music moved me. I am not kidding! I hear tons of new music and though I enjoy a majority of it, Karen's music just made me want to run to the music store. I am going to share her video links so please watch these, they are absolutely breath-taking.

Steve worked his ass off on this album, he did all the arrangements, played all the instruments; stunning guitar; keyboard, bass, lap steel, pedal steel, programmed drums and added string arrangements that melt your heart. KAH

The compact disc is coming out next week. Ms Karen will be guest writing for RK soon too! Also have a surprise for you with The Deacon too! So stay tuned to RK xxo0


dick wagner said...

Karen and Steve are a blessed pair of musical masters. I loved all my years playing duo guitars with Steve, and am so happy lovely Karen came into his life. Steve will always be my friend and inspiration and my love and respect for Karen grows stronger with every day and every song. God Bless the two of you.
Dick Wagner

maestro of rock said...

All my years of playing alongside Steve Hunter were an inspiration to me...and now that Karen has come into his life, I have two friends who are inspirations to me...two musical masters and friends for life. Beautiful album you guys. All my love and luck.

Dick Wagner

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