Ok Nina Simone was a classically trained pianist and her instructors told she could never play classical music because was black. Bless their souls. This song "Do I Move You?" from the album Nina Simone sings the blues. Read it and weep.

From the all star film Jackie Brown, starring Pam Grier, in the Quentin Tarantino film and of course the title track by Bobby Womack. Bobby played with Sam Cooke and married his wife after Sam was killed. his band the Valentinos did the original it's all over now which was covered the Rolling Stones.

The Valentinos song "I'm Lookin for a Love" was covered by J geils.. Bobby Womack's song "That's The Way I Feel About Cha" was a huge hit. I couldn't get shut out of this game... so I went to the urban barber shop and bought "Put Something Down on it". Never covered it but just dug it.

This one makes the hair stand up on my neck. I call this wicked good. Donny recorded "Where is the Love" with Roberta Flack who I believe was a classically trained pianist.

Won't belabor this point any more. consider this your last piece of chocolate and now we'll retire to the smoking lounge. I think Frank Zappa said it best. I'm not black but there's a whole lottsa times I was wishing I wasn't white. but I've spent 40 years proving.... anyone can have the blues. Scott.....

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