Freddy Scott

Freddie Scott, singer: born Providence, Rhode Island 24 April 1933; married; died 4 June 2007.

In 1963, Freddie Scott cut a demonstration record of "Hey Girl", a new song by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. The intended recipient was the hit-making Chuck Jackson, but he turned the song down.

Instead, Goffin and King liked Scott's voice so much that they recorded their own version with him. Phil Spector heard the results and said, "You've got to put that out. It's a smash." "Hey Girl" was a Top Ten US hit and became a club favorite in the UK, being covered by several beat groups of the time. Read full bio HERE
This song is anthemic of the 60's and one of my most favorite tunes and crooner songs of music history. Enjoy Freddie singing "Hey Girl"

Freddy Scott's Discography

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