Happy Birthday Scott!

Yesterday was Scott Morgan's birthday! Mine was the 9th and Scott the 11th. His family gathered to take Scott out for a nice dinner at the Real Seafood Co. in Ann Arbor. After dinner everyone was meeting up at the infamous 8 Ball Bar underneath the Blind Pig.

Scott Morgan and his beautiful sister Jeannie xxoo

Scott's sister Jeannie was there with her husband and her daughter Jennifer. Jennifer is an artist too like my daughter Lesley. Really sweet girl.

Back in action once more

For the first time since the 80's I picked up a pool cue. Used to shoot tournament pool back in the day and was way out of practice. It was really funny... I sunk like 4 bank shots! Even Scott cheered when I banked the most difficult one. Really fun!!! I won every game I played! Maybe I'll go buy a cue and take up the sport once more...

Someone kept blowing up my cell inside the club and I didn't recognize the number so I ignored it. It was GABE... he was sitting at the rail looking right at me ignoring that phone!


patches_523h said...

Looks like you and Scott had a great Birthday. Wish I could have been there.
Wtg on the pool game's. If you & Scott every feeling like playing a good game of pool, come on to Colorado. We have a table in the family room. LOL

Retro Kimmer said...

yes Patches would love to complay in Colorado.... thought of you the whole night. xxooK

Earnstone said...

ey there,

I've been reading you for a few months now and enjoy anticipating what you'll come up w/ next. Given your
connections you've probably seen it - but I hadn't. "It" is the reissue of the legendary "The Rationals Fan
Club Album." And I mean album, as in vinyl, 12", all that. If you know it and/or have already covered it,
oops. In not, check it out.

Best, Earnstone

Maureen said...

Hey Kim - Glad you made it for our guy's birthday. When he turned 50, I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday. He said "to party"; I thought he said "a party". HUGE misunderstanding. Thanks for your help in getting him on the plane today. Everybody in NC is waiting on the tarmac wearing a funk hat.

Nina Simone - Have you ever heard her sing "you'd be so nice to come to". She beings playing something that sounds like a Bach fugue - building, building - until she comes in with that VOICE! Orgasmic. Could you use your many contacts to get an MP3 posted somewhere. Newport album I think.

See you when the snow melts. Maureen

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