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Finally there is an official release about the health scare surrounding Scott Asheton this summer. I knew it was very serious but we had a very difficult time finding any information on his condition. Scott Morgan was very upset as Rock Action is one of his oldest friends. Dennis Thompson played with the Stooges in July and he was greatly concerned as he and Scott A are long time pals...

We are happy though to hear that Scott A is doing much better, here is the full story.... RK


Iggy and The Stooges just wrapped up their annual summer tour of European festivals, but they did most of the dates without original Stooges drummer Scott Asheton – who is recovering from an undisclosed illness. "He was rushed to the hospital after our appearance at Hellfest in France," Iggy Pop tells Rolling Stone. "He was on a flight to England when all sorts of hell broke loose. Without proper medical attention right there he would have bought it. He got very, very good care from the British and all sorts of tests. He's now at home in Florida and I think he'll be fine with a lot of rest."

The Stooges are doing a four-date West Coast tour of the U.S. in September, but Asheton will miss those dates as well. "I want to get him up next year," says Iggy. "The fella that came in to do the job [Larry Mullins] is a worshipful acolyte of his drumming who has been studying every four bars of our musical output since he was a teenager. He knows the songs forwards and backwards."

Here's more from conversation with Iggy Pop.

As I am not a medical person... I can only describe what I heard happened with Scott. In a nutshell he has some form of abdominal/artery problem which was very grave indeed. Now he is at his home and recovering nicely as I was informed by mutual friends.

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Philippe Mogane said...

As a long time Stooges' fan, I was flabbergasted to learn about Scott "Rock Action" Asheton' sudden illness. We all know or are encountering difficult moments as we age, gracefully I might say for some lucky ones like Kim. But Scott!!!! No way!!! To me Scott does represent the perfect monolith of a drummer's artwork and like all legend they never fade away. I do wish he will be back soon right behind his drum kit. Let's Rock, Scott!!! You've got so much to give and receive.
Rock on!!!

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