Retro Kimmer

**How exciting John Gnotek just sent me a link to the credits on this project and Retro: Kimmer is on there  my photos of Nina Friday and Wendy Mastal Woo... !!**Thanks John ! xK

A lot of my artist/musician pals are featured in this very cool virtual art exhibit...Plz click on the image above to see this fabulous art show....xK

Detroit Rock N' Fashion: A Virtual Art Exhibit is a dynamic, multimedia, interactive and truly virtual art exhibit.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion showcases over 160 works of art from eight artists of The Gallery of the Arts who are also involved in Detroit rock music and/or Detroit fashion. Fourteen songs from eight Detroit bands directly involved with these artists drive this dynamic presentation. Over 300 photos from 40 photographers adorn the exhibit.

The Artists:
Johnny Bee Badanjek
Nina Friday
Gwen Joy
Carl Lundgren
Wendy Mastal
Elise Mesner
Karen Neal 

This exhibit can be projected on a wall or big screen HDTV for passive viewing, or on a computer or gallery website for interactive engagement. Clicking on art as it is displayed launches a pop up window with art details and buying options for available original art and giclée fine art reproductions.

Detroit Rock N' Fashion also includes an Art Gallery showcasing all the art to view interactively. Likewise a Photo Gallery displays the photos with a one-liner description and credit link to the photographer. A Music Gallery provides a music player of all the songs used and links to purchase the songs. A Video Gallery links to YouTube videos of the songs in Detroit Rock N' Fashion.

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