Last night was the kick off of the Hard Core Music Consulting Concert Series.  The HMC team was assembled by Los Angeles Record Executive Jack Ashton to create a totally fresh way to cultivate and promote live music and bands. HMC plans to lease the best venues. Then provide a cool environment for young fans to come out to see their favorite bands.

Larry King and Soleil Moon made believers out of this very young crowd...they played so well and so tight the kids were totally into it.  Was a beautiful thing to see...

Rocquel Wallace and her manager Mom Jackie were in the house last night to see the show.  Rocquel is so beautiful inside and out.  We will be working with her this week on a profile and sharing some of 34 Bliss videos so stay tuned to RK for more on Rocquel...Her Mom is just incredible!

We had such a blast with WCSX disc jockey John O'Leary! Hadn't partied together since way back in the late 70's... I actually won a sail boat from a on air contest and John was the DJ who announced me as the winner...LOL wonder whatever happened to that boat??

"Now that we have recovered from Friday, we want to thank all the Red Stone Souls fans that made the October 5th show at the Millennium the best and most fun show we have ever done! Thank you and we hope you tell your friends about the Red Stone Souls and see ya at the next show! Thanks to Kathy Felix for some great pictures!" 

  Lujean Bernard was so much fun too!  Her son Kevin is the bass player in the Red Stone Souls.  Lujean's husband is Randy Bernard a great bass player himself and such a nice man.

The Millenium and Gotham City clubs were packed with such a high energy young crowd!  Wow...it was wild in there last night...

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