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Steve Hunter is recording his new album. It will have a bit more blues and some very cool talented friends will be dropping in to join him. Steve needs help from his huge fan base to fund his new project Manhattan Blues...

His campaign just launch like 10 minutes ago and I am on board to help campaign to get his new cd finished...

Guitarist Steve Hunter invites you to be involved in his new album. 

Video - by Karen Hunter - project pics by Anthony Scarlati, Adam Gasson, Karen Hunter and Kyler Clark.

Manhattan Blues

Steve is on a creative high! His new album is coming on great, with some inventive cover tune arrangements and newly written material all being produced in his home studio in Phoenix, AZ.

After touring with Alice Cooper last year and finding playing live a little difficult with his deteriorating eyesight he is happy to be putting all his creative energy into this project and he wants to share that with you. 

Kickstarter participants will make it possible for Steve to hire a studio for live drums which would always be his first choice and other studio considerations. 

Anything above and beyond the goal of $5,000 will go towards making this album the best it can be. There could even be a limited run of a vinyl version which he would love to be able to do.

The one thing he is always mindful of is that the fans are the most important part of the music industry. 

Along with the internet making such a huge difference to how music is made, listened to and paid for, it has also made a difference to how its creation can be shared by those fans who love to listen to the end result. 

Steve has played on some of the most influential albums in music history but there have been no royalties paid to him even for his most famous contributions which sadly includes his own composition ‘The Intro’ to Sweet Jane’.

Kickstarter is a wonderful way of enabling music fans to support new work and help musicians and artists be able to afford to make it.

Steve hopes you will find some things on the pledge list that jump out at you and say ‘TAKE ME!
He wants to make Manhattan Blues his best ever album and he wants to make music that will put a smile on your face.

Steve is hoping to be mixing the album by early March if the writing, recording and current guest contributions have gone according to plan. Meanwhile we will be busy preparing the pledge items.

There will always be the potential for holdups when using the complex technology of recording program's and of course what takes most recording engineers an hour can take half a day for Steve with his poor vision.
There are ways around equipment problems and we will always have the option of finishing sections in another studio if necessary.

We might need to wait for a guest player to finish their section but will keep everybody up to speed with progress reports along the way.  

Thanks for being here.

Karen and Steve Hunter

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