The so-called "Frankenstorm" fueled by HURRICANE SANDY is hammering the highly populated EAST COAST TODAY, with MSNBC reporting that "History-making Hurricane SANDY may bring 11-foot wall of water, two feet of snow,: and that "NOAA's hurricane research division warns the hurricane's surge and wave 'destruction potential' at 5.8 on a 0-to-6 scale." Radio started preparing as early as late last week to make sure their audiences would be informed.

If the storm remains on its current track, SANDY's center is expected to be near the JERSEY SHORE close to ATLANTIC CITY on MONDAY night, according to THE NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER.

Many businesses in MANHATTAN are closing their offices to put the safety of their employees first -- including the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, as well as all U.S. stock exchanges, which late SUNDAY decided to completely close, foregoing the earlier outlined option of electronic trading.

And, the NYSE has announced it will remain closed TOMORROW (10/30) and may reopen on WEDNESDAY (10/31).

NEW YORK CITY shut down their train (both city subway and suburban lines) and the bus system at 7p SUNDAY night. Trains in PHILADELPHIA are not running, and AMTRACK has suspended service in the area. READ MORE

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