Got word today that Josh Daunt of WJRT ABC Channel 12 in Flint is putting together a project about Sherwood Forest in Flint..Many of you remember this cool concert venue.  I was there a few times myself.. It was so much fun and all the big Michigan Bands played there....

So the producers are looking for information on the bands who played there and anyone that might have photos/film etc. Contact Josh with your info....

We immediately emailed our pal "Local DJ" Author and Flint Radio legend Pete Cavanaugh (Peter C) and he is so excited.

Peter C wrote the BADDEST book on Michigan rock n roll that I have ever read Local DJ....it covers everything you could imagine....Pete even snuck backstage at Olympia at the BEATLES show!!!

MC-5 -- Sherwood Forest -- October 19, 1969

Sherwood Forest was too small to attract many of the day’s big names, though some like Blue Oyster Cult did perform there, but big enough to lure some Michigan artists on the verge of breaking nationally.

Sherwood Forest was sort of a bridge between the rock festivals of the late ’60s and amphitheaters like Pine Knob Music Theatre that would become the norm by the late ’70s.

It wasn’t unique, but it was unique to Flint rock fans.

“Quite honestly, there were many venues much like Sherwood Forest ,” Nugent recalled. “The spirit of these gatherings superceded geography and structure. You could play 100 shows a year in Michigan without playing the same place twice, and I personally craved every opportunity.”

Ted Nugent

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Gary Merritt said...

Loved being there, was there soooooooo many times, Iggy Pop getting tossed out, Ted playing BOC getting started, Super Sundays and Wild Wednesday's were killer, days I'll never forget, good times with so many many bands, totally a killer time in my life!!!! Gary Merritt, Now living in Otisville, Mi.

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