Colonel Galaxy and Niagara Detroit's 1969 "Hot Box" Dodge Dart

Colonel Galaxy had owned this Dodge Dart for a really long time when he decided to do a huge makeover on it.  The dart was in really bad shape, the car below is for illustration only. Our mutual friend Mark Sisto sold it to the Col back in the early 1990s.

1969 Tan Dodge Dart...this is basically what it looked like before

Singer Mark Sisto of the Visitors owned this car prior to Colonel Galaxy.  Col. bought it and drove it for 2 days before the engine completely blew.  The massive restoration began just 3 years ago. Mark fills us in on his time with the Dart...

Niagara and Shaggy Leblanc photo: Tromba Fiemeinska

Incredible. I bought this very automobile in 1994, Somewhere in Marin County. My son and I drove it to Montana, then on to Detroit. By the time we got to Chicago (about 3 AM) it was hissing , lights were coming on, it was making funny noises, I kept talking to him (the Dart)," Hang in there buddy, were are going back to the motherland, come on, just hang in there 4 more hours."...

We made it to Detroit, and it wouldn't start again... several things were not working. It shouldn't have been moving .. The Colonel paid me $500 , I'm so glad He gave it a new life. I believe cars can be sentient beings..Thank you Colonel. Such great work ! ( was a slant 6 in its previous life) Mark Sisto

69' Dodge Dart....

Niagara painted "Hot Box" the lips with a cigarette logo on the Dart...made it look very cool.

69' Dodge Dart....Chuck Miller Racing 340 600 hp, full framed, tubbed (to facilitate bigger tires) Strange axle 4:11...727 Torque Flight trans, 4 wheel Wildwood discs, ''tubular a arms''(lowers car) Vintage A/C, 2000 watt Bose Stereo, Custom fiberglass hood w Camaro hood scoop, Custom blue pearl, purple pearl iridescent over silver and black paint.

Niagara christened the car "HotBox'' and her logos appear fore, aft and inside. Work done over 3 years by Paul Jesko, Keith Coleman, Shaggy LaBlanc, and Colonel Galaxy who was a professional race driver for American Motors and Jeep Racing Team along with his father and Erhard Dam on the SCCA Pro Rally Circuit for most of the 80's.

This car was built by the Detroit Dream Team:

Shaggy's Radicals/Auto Body and Paint
Keith Coleman/Metal Frame Work
Paul Jesko/Motor converted from slant 6 to a 340/411 rear end/600 hpwr

The Dart has after market Vintage Air installed at the cost of losing the glove compartment and the windshield wiper motor...so no driving in the rain....

Tromba Fiemeinska Niagara Lenny from Speedcult Jim Edwards

This is a 340 Chuck Miller Racing engine with 600 hp, 727 Torqueflight transmission and 4:56 Strange Axle ....runs low 12's without the Nitrous.

The Colonel is an amazing guy....

Colonel Galaxy was sponsored by AMC/JEEP he ran in the BAHA SPCCA Pro Rally Series. Col. was the youngest guy to win 2 Rallys.

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