Johnny Bee Badanjek

Johnny Bee Badanjek has done more for rock n roll than anyone. His discography is just off the planet.  As I was researching different bands to showcase recently...I discovered that damn near everyone one of these groups had a "BEE" connection... Mitch Ryder, The Rockets, Michael Katon, Huck Johns, Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper, Broken Toys, Nils Lofgren, Max Weinberg, The Detroit Cobras, Brownsville Station, The Romantics, The Look, The Howling Diablos, Dr. John, Albert King and many many more.... Take a look at Bee's Complete Discography

Happened to be looking at some Detroit venue information tonight and I ran into the Facebook page for The Legendary Cobo Hall Documentary film.  This is a documentary about the famed Cobo Arena (Hall) in Detroit.  All the biggest shows played Cobo.

I attended countless shows there and eventually ended up working there in the 80's.  My dream as a kid was to be a rock music stage manager..Never ended up doing that but I hired a ton of them! LOL These two guys Jake Hall and Doug Akers are the films creators. Here is the overview of the movie:

The Legendary Cobo (The Legendary Cobo LLC) is showcasing the amazing story of Cobo Arena by creating a truly entertaining portrait of its event history from 1960 to present day and the impact it has had on not only the city of Detroit but also the World.

"Another Detroit music pioneer, legendary drummer Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels, Detroit, The Rockets, Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper etc. etc.) came down to Cobo and shared some great insider stories while he took the film directors on a tour of some of the seldom seen areas of Cobo Arena. (HE would know)." From the Official Legendary Cobo Website

The Broken Toys "It Makes No Difference"

JC Whitelaw: Guitar,Vocal
Johnny Bee Badanjek: Drums,Vocal 
Huck Johns: Vocal 
Jon Ross: Bass Vocal

Loved this video! Thank you JC for sending this to me...xK

Universally loved and respected by all...Bee is the real deal.  I have never heard a cross word about him or from him.  Always has time for interviewers and fans...He is so funny and patient with others who want his attention...which is everybody he meets!

Johnny is a gifted drummer, no doubt one of the very best...he also is a very good songwriter and a damn good singer too! Here is a video of his band The Rockets and he wrote this song..."Taking it Back"

Bee's songs launched the Rockets into national prominence, and proved his ability to score consistently on the nation's pop music charts ("Can't Sleep", "Turn Up the Radio","Takin' It Back").

Johnny is also the most incredible painter.  His style is very distinctive...kind of Van Gogh meets Picasso with a rock n roll drummer perspective! LOL I recognize his work easily.  I have a Bee self portrait  giclee which is posted on my sidebar.  His work is very respected by other artists and members of the art community.  He participates in many art events each year. If you are interested in purchasing one of his works feel free to email me...Retrokimmer@gmail.com

This lovely gentleman of Detroit is one of my very favorite rock stars and he is a great friend.
We love him dearly and support his every endeavor....xxK


Jon Campbell said...

VERY COOL,Kim--Bee IS the TOP CAT of Motor City Rock 'n Roll!!!

John Gnotek said...

Excellent synopsis of a very multi-dimensional person! Detroit's Legendary Drummer!

Anonymous said...

It's time for Bee to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aye!

Unknown said...

Johnny Bee is an amazing person and great artist in every way. He inspired me to to be a drummer, and he does go out of his way for his fans, I am so greatful to have crossed paths with this man...

Unknown said...

Johnny Bee is a great artist in every way and an even greater person, he inspired me play drums and to basically become the person I am today, and always has time for his fans, I am greatful to have crossed paths with this man....

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