Ron Asheton

For a guy who's ranked in the top 30 guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone, Ron Asheton managed to stay below the radar for many a rock music fan.

Even after he passed away in 2009, Asheton's legacy hovered somewhere between "overrated" and "underrated," though today his impact cannot be overemphasized. In other words, if you've missed out on his incendiary guitar playing — meaning one of Detroit's legendary bands, the Stooges, has escaped your notice — then you've clearly been on another planet.

Asheton was the guitar player and a founding member of the Stooges, playing on the classic The Stooges and Fun House albums from the late '60s/early '70s.

Not a flashy lead guitarist, nor a ham-it-up showoff, Asheton played the guitar matter-of-factly and in your face. His playing relied on fuzzed-out chordal riffs and dissonant, stabbing leads — unlike most of the guitar you heard in 1969. If you went to Detroit’s Grande Ballroom to see the Stooges and were expecting some kind of "Summer of Love" six-string bliss, you were at the wrong venue, man!

Asheton's guitar playing was jagged, ragged and raw, and it touched a nerve with a select group of n'er-do-wells who probably thought "peace and love" was a big-time scam. Little did Asheton and the Stooges — fronted by the animated Iggy Pop — know they'd go on to spawn a zillion garage bands, spark the formation of punk rock, spur on the Seattle grunge scene of the early '90s and influence later acts ranging from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Metallica to the White Stripes. FULL STORY

We loved the Stooges show April 19, 2011 with our dear friend guitarist Deniz Tek, Henry Rollins and the Ann Arbor Symphony as special guest performers.  Now you can see the entire show on DVD at last! Coming out April 9. Information is posted below the poster....Thanks again Heather Harris for the photos/tix...xK


It was an amazing and very emotional night for all involved and we all hope you will like the result.
Ron, you are missed by so many...

Track Listing

I Got a Right (with Henry Rollins)
Raw Power
Search and Destroy
Gimme Danger
Shake Appeal
L.A. Blues
Night Theme
Beyond the Law
Fun House

Open Up And Bleed
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
I Wanna Be Your Dog
TV Eye
Real Cool Time
Iggy's Speech
Ron's Tune
No Fun

Featuring Deniz Tek on guest guitar
Hosted by Henry Rollins (also sings on 'I Got A Right')
String section on some Stooges classics
All proceeds go to the Ron Asheton Foundation

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw the stooges many times and was always amazed at Rons playing. He burned up the place but most of the time everyone was watching iggy.

wondering if he was going to come out into the crowd or how he would get out into the crowd weather it be with a couple of sunfishes first or mayby just a plain old belly smack into the mud like he did at the mt. clemens pop festival so long ago.

detroit had it all back then. motown, the five, and great players everywhere.

Dick Wagner, Ashton, Smith, Kramer, Koss......Earl Klugh and Jim Messina....

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