Midge Hadley is a fictional doll character in the Barbie line of toys by Mattel that was first released in 1963. Midge was created, along with Skipper, to counteract criticism that claimed Barbie was a sex symbol. She was marketed as Barbie's best friend. No Midge dolls were sold for the rest of the vintage years after the 1960s. My stepsister Barb had one...we thought Midge was boring and her outfits were dull compared to glamorous friend Barbie.

Repro Midge Doll

She was re-introduced in 1988 as part of the play line, though two vintage reproduction dolls were made specifically for collectors in 1993 and 1998. The dolls sold in this time period usually had red hair, often with freckles, and her eye color was usually blue or green. Also in the period, Wedding Day Midge was sold, with the groom being Allan Sherwood. Allan had been marketed as Midge's boyfriend in the vintage years.

In the most recent fictional Barbie storyline, often written on the backs of the dolls' boxes, Midge and Allan have three children, who are named Ryan, Nikki and Jenny. This was known as the Happy Family line, and was the subject of controversy when Midge was sold "pregnant" with Nikki as a newborn baby. Some parents disliked the "pregnant" Midge toy because they believed that Midge was too young to have children. But in 2013 year Mattel decided to change Midge's history. So, now Midge's children are not exist and also she isn't Allen's girlfriend.

When Barbie first came out, she was the subject of a lot of criticism, some of which that claimed Barbie was too mature-looking for children. Midge was the first same-size friend of Barbie ever sold, and was created to oppose these controversies aimed at Barbie. 

She had a fuller, gentler face mold that was less sexually intimidating, although her body proportions were the same as Barbie and they both stood at 111⁄2 inches (290 mm) tall.This allowed the two dolls to be able to share clothes and accessories. 

Her head mold was stamped "1958", the same as Barbie. When Midge arrived, the markings on the straight leg body mold they shared changed to include both her and Barbie. Midge had shoulder-length hair that flipped at the ends. Buyers had an option of buying a doll with one of three different hair colors: red, blond, or brunette. Her face was usually brushed with freckles. 

Midge® with no freckles

This Midge® is relatively difficult to find (more difficult than the Midge with teeth) and often the lack of freckles is hard to authenticate since many children enjoyed removing the freckles from their childhood Midge® dolls (as well as dishonest sellers). Therefore please be cautious when shopping for a Midge without freckles. The feature that indicates a true freckle-less Midge® is her longer hair! Notice the doll above's long locks. As usual, this Midge was sold with either blonde, titian or brunette hair and the straight-leg 1963+ Midge- Barbie body (with coral nail polish).

Depending on the doll's hair color, the color of her two-piece swimming suit varied. If Midge had red hair her swimsuit was yellow and orange, for blond hair it was in two shades of blue, and if she was brunette it was pink and red. The first vintage Midge dolls had a value of $175 MIB (Mint In Box) in 2007.

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