In Flint, Michigan in 1971, the United Methodist Church withdrew support for WMRP-AM/FM, and the radio stations were sold that year to John W. Nogaj, who changed the FM's call letters to WWCK as a nod to Windsor, Ontario's powerhouse AM top 40 radio station CKLW.

WWCK or CK as it was called back then was the biggest rock station in the US for a time.  It meant everything to it's young and very loyal listeners. In Rock's prime time CK interviewed all the biggest bands who played in Flint at the IMA Sports Arena..

When I produced the Super Sale at Flint IMA every March, we often had CK disc jockeys on hand to support the show.  We were a big advertiser and as we were a young show staff of mostly girls we loved CK Disc Jockey Jim "Bad Boy" Baade the most...He was so much fun and we thought he was so cute..

So imagine my surprise when I received an email from Jim about his new film project.  Jim had no idea that we had met years before so I was excited to work with him again. Jim created a great film documentary about WWCK's rock past and he is now working on a film about the Women rock radio jocks and their contributions to the medium...We can certainly help find the rock-jock ladies from the Detroit area!

Jim "Bad Boy" Baade

Jim's film "Flint's Best Rock" is now officially a part of American rock history as it has been accepted into Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

This is a story that had to be told! "Flint's Best Rock" will not let you go and you will finish with deep sense of appreciation for this once proud radio station.

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