Reginald Canty began playing bass at age 13, recognized that he had a facility for the instrument, he stuck with it and was thinking about a music career! Played local bands as a youngster but was stifled because he was too young for the clubs!

Reg enrolled at the Detroit Conservatory of Music in 1974, and shortly after he graduated,left to tour with a Las Vegas show act!

 Detroit Bass Players Reunion at Motown/Hitsville Museum

His last touring gig was with Diana Ross in 1979. The DR tour lasted 18 months. After the DR tour Reg left as conditions with his family needed his attention. He hired on with Fed Ex and played in various bands in the 80s.... created his own fusion band Spectrum, an 11 piece horn band Free Flow, then gigged awhile with the McKinney Brothers Darrin , Marty and Nathan!

Did some sub work for Sun Messengers and violinist Karen Coleman! Reg is free lancing now doing mostly Jazz idioms, but also R&B, Classical, Pop, Fusion and even a little Chamber music!

Retired from FedEx now but recovering from a serious health scare. Was very depressed during the illness because it rendered me unable to play....that was 3 long dark years for Reg!

Playing ability and stamina eventually began to return and I've been playing and shedding with renewed vigor last 2yrs!

Joined Detroit Bass Players Group in July 2011, and feels very blessed to have at his disposal, a community of supporters, well wishers, music devotees, mentors, and the absolute coolest bunch of musicians and support team you could ask for!

Reg's Bass is a Shawn May SC6F custom, single cut,6 string fretless bass guitar. Made of Buckeye Burl, Purple Heart, maple and Alder with a Purple Heart 32 position fretboard! Designed by Reggie to more closely assimilate acoustic bass!

Reginald is very proud of what DBP Group has accomplished and is still so very grateful and humbled to be appointed as an administrator by the group founder Craig Skoney, and be so well received by this group as many of my bass heroes who inspired me when I was young.  Some legendary bass players are still active and are members of this group! It's been a totally enriching experience for Reg!

Reg and I  are going to begin working together on a couple of very cool Detroit projects so stay tuned. Reg and fellow bassist Ivan Williams collaborate on the very inventive video project called the DBG BassMint Round Table Interviews. I have included one of their new videos featuring young Bassist Brandon Rose.


If you are a Bass Player feel free to join in the fun...

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Aaron Dalton said...

Hey Reginald my brother!! Congrats on your interview .... Very Nice!!!

Nice article Kimmer !1 (Y)

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