13. Well, for starters, information written in listicle form. Admit it. We’ve either hit rock bottom or are grabbing internet culture right by its horns. Say what you will, but chances are… you were not expecting this.

12. But let’s talk talent. And when we say talent, there are only three words that come to mind: Mary, J. and Blige. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that the one and only Mary J. Blige will be performing live at the American Music Awards. Ms. Blige is on the verge of releasing her 13th studio album “The London Sessions,” this December, and will bring her one of a kind vocals to our stage to remind the world that she’s considered the most successful woman in R&B for the last 25 years. (No word yet on whether or not Lebron James will arrive unannounced to duet with her, but we can only hope.)

11. Now seems like a good time to remind you that the AMAs are completely voted on by the fans. Yes, you. The fans. Quite literally “rocking the vote” via our Coca-Cola AMA voting site, AMAvote.com, as well as on Twitter by including the nominee’s name, category name and #AMAs within a tweet. And remember what your mother used to say: You’re never too old to publicly vote for 5 Seconds Of Summer. (No? Just our moms? #coolmom)

10. And speaking of 5SOS, you’ll be quietly whispering 5SO-YES when you find out that the band is now officially part of the AMAs performance roster. *we’ll wait while you quietly shriek into your office cardigan* 5 Seconds of Summer is responsible for this year’s hit “She Looks So Perfect” (whose music video has raked in a mere 88 million views…) and are currently on tour with that other young group of misfits One Direction. (Just imagine all the backstage hijinx those boys are getting into.) And the best news? It’s totally OK to have weird feelings for them since as they are all 18. Bet you weren’t expecting that.

9. But don’t feel too left out, fellas. Iggy Azalea is up for six awards—more than any other nominee. She’s so fancy, but you already know. So why are we still rambling on about it? Good point, Fancy Drew.

8. Hot off the heels of Iggy’s “Fancy” and her hit “Boom Clap,” Charli XCX, the 22 year old British phenom, is also scheduled to perform. Or, as the Romans call her, Charli 100. (Less catchy, but still chock full of talent.)

7. Our host, Pitbull, will refuse to answer to Mr. Worldwide backstage. He will only answer to Pit, Mr. Bull, Pitbull, Mr. 305, Armando, Mr. Perez, and the King of Crunk.

6. Number 7 isn’t true.

5. Alright, so far we’ve got a stellar line-up featuring Mary J. Blige, 5 Seconds of Summer, Charli XCX and Pitbull. A legendary assembly of talent. But you know what this list is missing? The voice of a human angel. Thankfully, we’ve taken care of that. Because joining us at the AMAs is a man who can only be described as the breakout star of 2014, Sam Smith. When he opens his mouth to sing, the heavens descend upon us mortals. His single “Stay With Me” hit Number 1 on the Billboard Charts. And on Sunday, November 23, he will take to the stage live from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE between 8:00 and 11:00p.m. ET/PT on ABC and give us a little bit of heaven on Earth.

4. We have six…. SIX… various forms of social media with which to join in on the AMAs conversation. Sure, you could probably guess all of these, but for the sake of perfection, here they are, in all of their bold-faced glory: “Wow. We’re really doing it guys.” - - The 21st Century

Twitter: @TheAMAs
Facebook: Facebook.com/AMAs
Instagram: @TheAMAs
Snapchat: TheAMAs
Vine: TheAMAs

3. Did we mention that the show will air live from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd (8:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) on ABC? What’s that? We just did? Just making sure.

2. Here’s a fun thing: Right before the ABC broadcast, viewers can fire up their WIFI and watch the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Pre-show, which will be live-stream all of our fabulous celebrity guests and their respective AMA red carpet journeys starting at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT on November 23rd at Yahoo Live, the official digital distributor of the AMA Experience this year. You can also watch the livestream at TheAMAs.com and ABC.com. Look how many options there are! You have no excuse for missing this livestream. (I said no excuse.)

1. There are plenty more surprise reveals left for the 2014 AMAs… this is only the beginning. Follow us on Twitter @TheAMAs and maybe we’ll DM you some other surprises! (No, not pics. Relax.)

Tickets are now on sale at www.axs.com

About the American Music Awards

The American Music Awards features performances from today’s hottest artists and presents fan-voted awards in the categories of Pop/Rock, Alternative Rock, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, Soul/R&B, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Inspirational, Latin, EDM, Soundtrack, Single of The Year, New Artist of the Year Presented by Kohl’s, and Artist of the Year.  The American Music Awards pays tribute to today’s most influential and iconic artists.  The show is produced by dick clark productions and is seen in more than 160 countries around the world. For more information, visit www.theamas.com, www.dickclark.com or abc.go.com/shows/american-music-awards.

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