In the past few months I have noticed this incredibly cool Detroit jeweler/artist posting his work. He creates these amazing D(Detroit)Rings.. These rings are individual pieces of art. Made completely by hand by Maui Rick.

The Start of my D

Then one day Maui posted a photo of D Pendants and Charms!! I had to have one!! So I found his store phone number and called Maui...

We hit it off like dynamite and a fuse. We agreed that I needed to have the big pendant and he created one for me! I got it today and LOVE IT...To my readers that love Detroit...Rick's jewelry is the GENUINE ARTICLE...be the coolest person in your neighborhood and sport one of these!

Here is Maui Rick with my D Pendant

Detroit....my hometown. I'm Maui Rick, and I've been a jeweler since 1972. For the last 10 years or so, I've been custom making tons of pieces of jewelry using the Old English D. I'm sure you've seen it, it's all over , on Hats, Tee shirts, on he back windows of half the cars in and around Detroit. It's been in Movies, TV shows, worn by movie stars and low life's alike. I don't think there's another single letter that's as instantly recognizable , as the D. 

To me ,this single letter symbolizes what I've experienced in life. Music, great sports teams, and the feeling I get hangin In Downtown Detroit. Whether it's a sporting event, concert venue, the Casinos, The Auto show or the Bitchin Detroit Autorama! 

I love Detroit ! And there's plenty of others whom agree whole heartedly with me! Bob Seger called it "The Home of Rock and Roll" Kiss dubbed it " Rock City" and Kid Rock, well , he can't say enough good things about the City he Loves. All this, along with everyone else who loves The D , has driven me to try and make the Coolest jewelry that represents Detroit. 

I started with rings, then pendants. Soon I was doing earrings, bracelets, vest pins, guitar plaques, motorcycle saddlebags pins,whatever. They've been in magazines and on TV shows( no lie) and even grace the hands of some celebs . Rings continue to be the best seller. We have 16 different styles, with more to come. 

Currently I'm doing some limited editions . And I can also do custom styles to suit ones individual tastes . You know you want one, it will be the coolest piece of jewelry you'll ever own. You can check them out at www.thedring.com or on Facebook The"D" Maui Rick

Hahaha Rick shipping my D bling to me here at
Rancho Kimmer Deluxe

Different phases of Rick's casting process

 Have questions for Maui Rick? 

 To see more of Rick's gorgeous work...click HERE


Classic Old English D designs in Sterling Silver
 they can customize your order in gold or with stones...

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