My love for Netflix and PBS just keeps growing! This past two weeks I have been obsessed with THE ROOSEVELTS, PROHIBITION, THE WEST and the entire Ken Burns catalog.

Ken Burns does amazing work creating these historic masterpiece documentaries. He has the best photos, best voice actors, and the music is fabulous...My favorite of all is BASEBALL

Ken Burns

Baseball is similar to Ken Burns' previous documentaries such as The Civil War, in the use of archived pictures and film footage mixed with interviews for visual presentation. Actors provide voice over reciting written work (letters, speeches, etc.) over pictures and video.

The episodes are interspersed with the music of the times taken from previous Burns series, original played music, or recordings ranging from Louis Armstrong to Elvis Presley. The series was narrated by journalist John Chancellor, best known as the anchor of NBC Nightly News between 1970 and 1982.

The story is brutally honest and emotional. The best and the worst of American Sports history. Have a look....

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