As a young Sioux, Sitting Bull resolved to fight the white man to keep his land. He fought along side other brave warriors such as Crazy Horse and Red Cloud. He is probably most remembered by the battle at Little Big Horn in which General Custer was killed. Sitting Bull was captured and killed December 15, 1890.

A little pink ballerina takes a moment to observe the motion in the dance studio. Two ballerinas begin to twirl in the background, while a still ballerina pauses in the foreground.

In life, if we would think before we acted, what would happen?

This art piece combines both painted fabric and thread painting. The view from the earth looking up shows the transformation of leaves with the colors of each season.

This four foot square oil on canvas demands attention.

This piece is a call to Rally to find a cure. Every item that i used has a special meaning. The sewing items are from old sewing baskets that were passed down in my family to me.

I had let my artistic confidence dwindle away, but the ideas for paintings never did. It took moving away from Michigan into a depressing rental with no funds to plant flowers, that I found myself missing my gardens so much that I picked up my brushes again. Not only have they brought my garden back to life on the walls where I live, but they have brought my artistic dreams back to life as well.

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