Grammy-winning songwriter Sharon Robinson has announced the release of her second solo album, Caffeine, (April 7th, 2015). The sophomore record, a follow up to the stunning debut Everybody Knows in 2008, mixes

R&B, soul, jazz and pop and unifies them with Sharon's sensual and soulful sound. "I kept air in the arrangements. I wanted the record to sound organic and true," says Sharon, who also wrote and produced. Tracks include: "Driftwood" - a metaphor for contemporary life, "Safe" - a statement of the power of love over fear and "Lucky", co-written with Leonard Cohen, and never previously recorded - beautiful in its purity and simplicity.

On March 30th, Sharon began her first-ever solo tour of Europe, in support of Caffeine. Her eight-date tour will pass through Antwerp, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Hamburg, Koln, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Sharon has a beautifully soulful andbit haunting voice.....I love her new cd CAFFEINE..... You can buy a copy on my Amazon link below....

For thirty years, Sharon Robinson has been associated with Leonard Cohen as a co-writer, producer, and vocalist. She co-wrote and produced Cohen's 2001 album, Ten New Songs, (one of Rolling Stone's "Top 100 Albums of the Decade"), and co-authored the Cohen classics, "Everybody Knows" and "Waiting for the Miracle." A Grammy-winning songwriter, Sharon's work has been covered by artists as diverse as Patti LaBelle, Don Henley, Aaron Neville, and Roberta Flack to name a few.

In December of 2014 Sharon was highly praised in the media, with features in Vogue, The Los Angeles Times, Billboard and others, for the release of On Tour with Leonard Cohen (powerHouse books), an intimate musical journey photo collection, spanning six years on the road with Cohen. In conjunction with this release, Robinson also showcased her work with exhibitions at the prestigious Morrison Hotel Galleries in New York City and Los Angeles.


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