What an exciting evening! I was invited to the VIP opening party for John Varvatos' Detroit Store on Woodward in Detroit. Machinegun left for a short jaunt to Florida so I grabbed  JT aka John Tavernier Jr.  My very favorite photographers in the rock genre.  JT shot Machinegun Thompson for his profile story on Detroit RocknRoll Magazine. See that story here.

Teh very famous Men's Fashion designer John Varvatos is from Allen Park originally and as such has fabulous taste in music... He loves a lot of my favorite bands too. He has featured Detroit musicians in his NY 315 Bowery Store. My pals Deniz Tek, Robert Gillespie, Scott Morgan, Al King, and Chris Taylor played 315 Bowery as Powertrane a few years ago.

On the Red Carpet, JV saw me and introduced me to Alice Cooper. I didn't realize that very very handsome guy in the center was singer MICHAEL BOLTON...I guess I just didn't expect to see him in Detroit! Alice yes but Bolton? Michael is so good looking! Way better in person as well...

Chrysler did a bang up job as the main sponsor of the night...there were gorgeous Chryslers parked everywhere out front. Plus JV had valet parking for us all...they left a package of bon bons on the seat of my JEEP for the ride back to Ann Arbor...YES

When we first arrived the first thing we saw were the massive search lights and then this huge sign welcoming JV to Detroit. There were tons of people everywhere..Just loved seeing Detroit look so cool... The corner at 1500 Woodward looked like a movie set...With the lights and dark Chryslers everywhere, it reminded me of one of the Marvel  movies.

JV had the walls decorated in a really pretty color that was kind of army green meets brown tint. So much better than the typical red carpet backgrounds that are so boringly done in stark white with advertisers names.Look how tall that wall was! Very nicely done!

Here is the official badge.

The store is not quite 5,000 sq feet and I plan to make a stop there soon to see it with the fashion line displayed. Just loved the tall red brick building with the gorgeous sign on the front overhang.

John Varvatos welcomed the crowd and then introduced ALICE COOPER!

  John Varvatos


Alice and his band were fantastic! The sound was really well done. He played a lot of our favorite garage covers and ended his set with School's Out.

Patrón Tequila was a sponsor and we loved sampling their drinks...

Loved meeting David and his girl..David is a drummer with the local band Guitar Army who play in Windsor. He also is the Creative Director at Quicken Loans. We talked about my favorite drummer and show biz in Detroit...Lovely pair and hopefully I will meet up with them again soon.

Cool shot by JT...cell phones everywhere...

This was my favorite couple of the evening...and sorry names eluded me in that crowd and after a few shots of Patrón! But I remember that he is a fashion designer and hopes to make it to Project Runway soon!

Happy people were in abundance last night as JV really knows how to throw a BIG BASH

This man was stunning. I just loved his ensemble

JV had a photo booth onsite and that was fun watching all the folks jumping in and out!

JV has this HUGE chandelier which is beyond gorgeous...

Crowd central...by far the most beautiful crowd of people I have ever seen in Detroit at any event...Reminded me of Studio 54 in NYC. The energy was vivacious and refreshing to say the least. I am so happy that John chose to build a store in Detroit...! Thanks JV for the invitation! Thanks so much to JT for the great photos and Rhonda for my hair!


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