A Few Facts You Didn’t Know About Halloween

Despite it being a multicultural blend of rituals, religion and history, Halloween offers just as much excitement and fun as other annual events. Kids and adults alike always look forward to dressing as ghosts, witches or even as their favorite superheroes. However, there a few things that you probably didn’t know about this whimsical and lighthearted event.

Have you ever at some point asked yourself where these beliefs and traditions associated with this fun-filled event ever came from? Well, the costumes, tricks and pranks had to come from somewhere.

To help you find an answer to some of your queries, here are some things you probably didn’t know about Halloween.
Halloween Originated in Ireland

History reveals that Halloween most likely came from the traditional Celtic celebration of Samhain. This, in the very ancient days, was a ritualistic celebration that celebrated the pagan gods of harvest.

Halloween Ranks Among the Top Annual Events

According to stats, Halloween grosses close to 8 billion dollars annually. This makes it second to Christmas in terms of spending. A massive number of people spend their money buying costumes for themselves and their pets too. Other than the costumes, people also spend quite a lot of cash on tricks and candy treats.
Costumes Weren’t Worn for Fun

Well, Halloween originated from a traditional pagan celebration known as Samhain. During this event, the followers believed that the dead would arise and roam through the neighborhood during All Hallows Eve. However, there were worries that during this day there could be a few evil spirits out too. Hence, the locals dressed up in scary gear to scare away any malicious ghosts out to spoil the event.

Candy Is Never Enough

Other than the costumes, trick or treat candy is also a very key part of Halloween celebrations. In fact, October 28th experiences the largest number of candy sales. Additionally, Snickers candy bars are the most sought-after trick or treat candy for Halloween.

Being Pranked or Scared Actually Feels Really Cool

Getting scared is part and parcel of Halloween. More so, it’s the only time of the year when horror movies are screened across almost all cinema halls and people flock to watch them with great delight. However, did you know that for some people, being scared in safe places actually makes them feel very exhilarated?

The Witch Costume Carries the Day on Halloween

Nowadays, people are even wearing costumes to mimic their favorite celebrities. However, the witch costume still carries the day on Halloween. Close to six million people are typically clad as a witch during Halloween. On the other hand, superheroes, cats, princesses, and zombies are other common costumes for the day.

Adults Celebrate Halloween Too

Statistics show that close to 66 percent of grown-ups celebrate Halloween. Most of them dress up in costumes to work, catch a Halloween movie with a friend, or even visit a haunted attraction. Modern day Halloween has evolved and is no longer made up of tricks and treats alone. To sum it up, you can dress up as whoever you want and enjoy yourself.

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