Just sent this photo to a friend of mine from Detroit. We grew up with these guys on tv everyday here in Metro Detroit.  Every morning it was Soupy Sales and then when he left for NYC we fell in love with Johnny Ginger!

What a show! He was the only actor on the show (he made more $ that way) and he had really funny and smart skits with our favorite cartoons. Johnny didn't play down to kids and we appreciated that! See Johnny Ginger's page here

Sir Graves Ghastly and Bill Kennedy (At the Movies Host)

As a kid we all watched Bill Kennedy at the Movies and we thought he might be a wee bit tipsy...we thought he was funny because of that assumption.

But we kids universally adored Sir Graves Ghastly! I have never met any Detroiter who didn't like Sir Graves...

Soupy Sales was the King!! I still watch Soupy on Youtube whenever I need to hang with Soup, white Fang, and Pookie!!

Comedian and pie-throwing television personality Soupy Sales was the popular host of such shows as Lunch with Soupy Sales and the Soupy Sales Show.

Rita Bell and Carol Duvall

If we stayed home from school we got to see Rita Bell's Prize Movie. She had old time movies with callers who called in and answered a trivia question to win prizes. Kind of boring but hey it's all we had back then!

Carol Duvall had a little 10 min show on crafting. She went on to have a big show on HGTV. I loved her and watched intently as she made cool things out cloth and construction paper.

All about the Ghoul

The Ghoul (official web page) is a legendary late night horror movie host. This is the official successor of Ghoulardi. Your wacky turn blue King and Leader of Cleveland Late Night

Here is some fun us kids who won't grow up!  DETROIT KIDS TV SHOWS WEBPAGE


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