If you have a sweet tooth for wine, Croatia must be in your bucket list. The country has made some of the finest wine in the world for more than 4000 years. You can then imagine their mastery of the winemaking craft.

In recognition of their prowess in winemaking, wineries in Croatia offer wine tasting tours to different regions throughout the country. According to Mypaperwriter.com, students who hire professional writers have more time to enjoy their college years, including visits to such places as Croatia where your view of the world is changed forever. Here are the top 5 must-visit vineyards in Croatia.

Korta Katarina Winery, Peljesac

The winery is located in one of the oldest winemaking regions in Croatia. The Peljesac Peninsula extends into Adriatic, one of the best environments for wine production. It is located in some of the southernmost regions of Croatia where the best tasting wine is produced.

To get to Korta Katarina Winery, you can fly into the region from the capital a journey of one hour from Dubrovnik. The region is home to Postup and Dingac, some of the initial appellations of controlled origins to be registered in Croatia. The rich tradition of winemaking also makes their varieties unique and guaranteed to awaken your tastebuds.

A unique attraction when visiting Kortra Katarina winery is the variety of food offer alongside the wines. It is a selection you are not likely to find anywhere else yet it goes down so well with the wine. Their winemaking traditions are also unique and a valuable rider for visitors to the wineries. The wine tasting events combine perfectly with the breathtaking view of the Dalmatian Coast to give you an unforgettable experience.

Milos Winery

The winery is also one of the oldest in the region and is respected for its unique tasting wines. The winery stands out among peers in the Peljesac region because of upholding the classic wine production formula. The winery uses the Plavac Mali or little blue grape to produce the uniquely flavored red wine it is famous for.

The winery is a family business run by Flano and his sons. They have preserved an age-old tradition where the taste of wine has a lot to do with its years in the factory. It ranks among the best vineyards in the world because of the use of natural yeast and typical Slavonian oak barrels. This method makes it impossible for wineries elsewhere to imitate their unique taste.

While at the vineyard, look for their signature Plavac Mali and Stagnum brands. The mountainous setting on the horizon gives you a perfect wine tasting setting that will awaken your sense of taste. If forms part of the overall wine tasting experience that is impossible to find anywhere else.

Plenkovic Winery, HVar Island

Any tourist traveling to Croatia wants to pay homage to this famous vineyard tucked somewhere on Hvar Island. The island is known as one of the sunniest parts in Europe, receiving more than 2,715 hours of sun each year. The temperatures are also among the most favorable to grow grapes.

Plenkovic winery has also won numerous awards for its winemaking formula and ability to produce the most unique tasting bottles. The area is iconic for its rolling vineyards and olive trees, giving you an unforgettable view while you sip on your glass. As you make the trip to the winery, the views are breathtaking, leaving you more thirsty and ready for what the vineyards have to off. What you get upon arrival is worth the trip. It is a wine tasting experience that you will never get anywhere else.

Visitors are introduced to exceptionally designed cellars in the picturesque countryside. The tour around the production facility is equally rewarding. It is a mindblowing journey to follow a grape from the farm until it turns into one of the tastiest wines in the world.

Stina Winery, Brac Island

Stina or whitestones is the symbol of Brac, the largest island in the Dalmatian region. The stones were used in the construction of the Diocletian Palace found in Split. Rumor also has it that the stones were exported for use in the construction of the White House in Washington, DC. That white setting raises the curtain for an unforgettable wine tasting experience in Croatia.

Brac’s whitestones have also inspired countless sculptors, poets, and painters in Croatia to sharpen their art. It is, therefore, understandable to hear that the same stones are the inspiration behind Stina Winery. The name also refers to the challenges of growing grapes on this steep terrain. However, it has one of the sweetest endings imaginable.

Stina Winery constantly reinvents itself without altering its unique taste. Recently, new grapevines were planted and the production facility renovated. To maintain the health of the grapes, cultivation is still done by hand. You identify their wines because of the unique packaging designed by Bruketa and Zinic, a celebrated Croatian design studio.

Boskinac Winery, Pac Island

Pac Island is a famous entertainment destination, hosting some of the longest-running festivals in the world. The island also features excellent dreamy beaches worth every minute you will ever spend in Croatia. The island has also made it into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites because of its unique gastronomical offerings, including the unforgettable wines.

Boskinac Winery was built in 2000 but has transformed the wine tasting story of Croatia. The vineyard has been feted nationally and internationally for its spectacular wines. The most distinct is the coupage of merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, among other local white wine varieties.

The winery is located at a valley among pine trees, giving you a welcoming scenery that will awaken your senses. Wine tasting adds to the mouthwatering cuisine you will enjoy at the island. Visit and give your story about the eye milk cheese served with anchovies.

It is evident that Croatia loves wine and anyone who visits the country will have a unique wine-story to tell. Talk to tour experts about a wine-tasting experience in Croatia and enjoy a tour of a lifetime. This is one of the destinations you will want to return after your initial visit.

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