Bingo has had a wild ride since its inception in 16th century Italy, with a lottery game called “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” widely being acknowledged to have set the foundations for this incredibly versatile gambling game. After this the game migrated to France under the name “Le Lotto”, as well as other Central European countries such as Germany that ended up using it for education more than anything else.

In fact, before Edwin S. Lowe, an American entrepreneur, devised the first universally applicable bingo scorecards and popularised the name “bingo”, this was a game that existed in various different shapes and sizes. Things have become more standardized since then of course, with online bingo ushering in a whole new era of popularity for this game, making it almost as popular as online slots in the 21st century. One thing that has changed dramatically after the emergence of online bingo is the bingo lingo that people use online. Read ahead for a bingo lingo guide covering all you need to know before you start at Barbados Bingo.


Those of us who are young enough to have lived through the SMS text message craze and subsequently shortened vocabulary will know exactly what BRB means, however it is definitely worth touching on for anybody who isn’t particularly well versed on the many abbreviations at play.

BRB stands for Be Right Back and is used regularly in online bingo chat rooms if you need to go to the loo or grab a refreshment. It’s not worth weeing yourself, just write BRB! WTG

Now, this is a piece of bingo lingo that is used a lot in the modern online bingo world, and also one that is fairly exclusive to online bingo chat rooms, having not really caught on in the wider world. WTF is often used in order to congratulate somebody who has just won a prize whilst playing bingo, and it is an abbreviation of the phrase “Way To Go”.

Friends will use this abbreviation to congratulate each other on bingo wins, it isn’t essential to use by any means, but it can be a nice way to show your support. 


Due to the fact that online bingo is completely played on the computer, and that there is currently no online bingo chat rooms that let people communicate via video or audio link people have to do all their communicating via the keyboard, the main reason why so many instances of online bingo lingo slang exist today.

1TG is definitely one of the most exciting things to post in the chat room if you have the opportunity, because it means “One To Go”. It is used when you only have one number left before being able to scoop the jackpot, and is far from a brag. In fact, be careful with “1TG” because many experienced online bingo gamblers will be expecting to see it written in the chat before anybody hits bingo.

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