The Most Profitable Careers in the Entertainment World

Long gone are the days when parents only wanted their children to pursue professions they felt were in the mainstream. You can make a kill pursuing what you love best in the entertainment world in the current world. You may feel your passion lies in arts and entertainment.

The truth is, the highly competitive nature of entertainment will help you polish up your skill further. The start has probably been slow for you, but you gradually build a portfolio that enables you to bag the best deals. Below are some of the best profitable careers you can pursue in entertainment.

Make-up Artist

If you fancy transforming people's faces for an incredible glow, this is the field you would thrive in best. As an MUA, you ensure every character on set has the appropriate makeup for the role, and at that time. Therefore, time management skills come in handy as you have to apply your technique before a character goes on set. You would also do well in applying special effects for the relevant movie roles and scenes, such as special effects on a horror film. Your creative attribute has good compensation benefits at $60,000.


As a musician, transforming words to the best sound in music captivating to your listeners is the catch. You can also do best by learning the technique of instruments like in Sloanschoolofmusic.com, becoming a pro. Playing instruments such as violin, guitar, piano, and even the drums give you a better leader in your career. You can earn $55,000 on average when starting. Better still, you can also bag millions as you become a bigger brand.


As an editor, constructing a line of thoughts in the proper understandable, and engaging flow should be one of your strengths. The storyline should flow to ensure the outcome is what the director had in mind over the movie. Therefore, your work entails trimming the irrelevant footage and gets the story most engagingly. Bagging $50,000 is one of the best for you.


As a writer, your skill of trade lies in having a captivating imagination with characters and words. Most importantly, conceptualizing the form through which you describe the terms for use on screen. Therefore, you can also implement different languages to bring out the best action through words, words, pronunciation, accent, tone, and even dialect. Typically, playing with words to get the best write-up, this is rewarding at $65,000.

Film Producer

If you have the magic brain and hand in you to transform raw form to spectacular results, this is definitely for you. As a producer, your work would entail changing a script into a brilliant movie within the stipulated time. Most importantly, make it work within the budget, whether it is a high-end movie production or indie-movie that must be right on finances. Bagging $70,000 is fantastic. 

Key Grip

Every set requires a ton of equipment, ranging from camera, lighting, stands, and even camera rollers. All the equipment should have the best care and maintenance when holding and also during transportation. Thus, your physique should stand the pressure that comes with the role. You get to earn around $75,000. 

As a director of photography, you are in charge of the whole team doing photography. Therefore, coordination of lighting, sound, and even the background to bring out clear and crisp images falls within your job description. The aim to bring out everything on set to life and camera work is an essential role rewarding at $60,000.

Actors and Actresses

Owning a character and role and bringing it to life is one of the most rewarding jobs. You get to interpret a movie character, even though you are not the same in real life, and do your magic. On average, earning $54,000 is a viable plan. However, the good news is that you can build a better brand name for yourself, earning up to millions on a single role.

On-Set Designer

The career part is for a creative guru who can transform thoughts into a reliable form. You fetch ideas from the team on what they hope to implement and work it out. Typically, you work with blueprints. Your take-home salary starts at $45,000.

Location Manager

As a location manager, your job description entails finding the most suitable location for the film. Additionally, you also follow up on permission and license to ensure you have the go-ahead shooting the scene on that specific site. Furthermore, the location should mirror the idea of the script. Thus, a set with a forest background will require that exactly- a forest background. With a take-home salary of around $49,000, your negotiation skills get a good reward.

Movie Directors

For every movie or film coming up, the film director seats at the helm to ensure all happenings during the set are within the plan- you can be one. Additionally, your role would be having a full grip of all characters on stage to help bring everything to life. You also enhance functional and healthy relationships among everyone on set to deliver A-results. The salary scale can range from $105,000, giving you a bonus for the difficulties you pull off at work. 

Fashion Designer

Designing people's clothing is a definite catch for you in the industry. The power lies in bringing out your creative master and implementing different trends that people will love. You can earn up to $60,000 and even better when you have your fashion house.

On-Set Costume Designer

It would be best if you had the expertise in implementing different costume ideas across all on-set images. For instance, a horror movie will not have the same costume ideas as a drama movie with characters in court. Additionally, the names on the set have different physiques. Therefore, it is your job to ensure you appropriately dress all sizes fit for the occasion. Consequently, you will also source clothing brands to dress your characters, a career that is highly rewarding with a $40,000 salary wage.

With the above careers, you can be confident that you become a sought after brand once you master the skills and get more experience. People want to work more with you. Not to mention the very lucrative endorsements you’ll get for your work.

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